Australasian Plant Pathology Society (APPS) Conference 2019 – Pathogen Bioinformatics Workshop 25th November, at AgriBio, La Trobe University

This year’s pathogen bioinformatics meeting will be held as a workshop of the APPS 2019 conference in Melbourne.  Please note that the workshop is held at the AgriBio building, La Trobe University.  For those of you staying near the MCEC where the main conference is being held, there will be a bus departing from MCEC at 8:30am going to AgriBio.  If you would like to catch this bus please contact or

Below is the program for the 2019 Pathogen Bioinformatics Meeting:

Time Start Time End Title Speaker Length Title
10:00 10:30 COFFEE 00:30
10:30 10:35 OPENING 00:05
10:35 11:05 TALK Jana Sperschneider 00:30
The chromosome-scale assembly of the flax rust fungus Melampsora lini: challenges of assembling a highly repetitive, dikaryotic fungal pathogen genome
11:05 11:25 TALK Belinda Fabian 00:20 Using genome-wide screening to identify genes important for bacterial colonisation of plant surfaces
11:25 11:55 MORNING TEA 00:30
11:55 12:25 TALK Rebekah Frampton 00:30 Genome of Bactericera cockerelli: Sequencing, assembly, and annotation
12:25 12:45 TALK Chala Turo 00:20 Assessing Recombination from Genome Sequences of Spot and Net form Barley Pathogens
12:45 13:45 LUNCH 01:00
13:45 14:05 TALK Lina Rozano 00:20 Structural prediction of ToxA-like and MAX effector proteins using threading and comparative modelling methods
14:05 14:25 TALK Janneke Aylward 00:20 Capnodiales genomes reveal aspects of mating type evolution
14:25 14:45
14:45 15:05 TALK Evan John 00:20
A novel method for analysis of RNAseq data guides identification of conserved promoter motifs associated with a key regulator of fungal virulence.
15:05 15:35 TALK Roberto Barrero 00:30 PathogenFinder – a bioinformatics tool to fast track plant viruses and viroids quarantine testing at the border
15:35 15:40 CLOSING 00:05



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